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TestimonialsComments from our customers
'Nice job: and really quick delivery. Thank you,'

Adam B. 10/12/2015 Ordered CDs in 6 panel digipacks, shrink wrapped.

'hi Cd’s arrived, Thanks for speedy service'

Alan M. 11/12/2015 - CDs in a printed cardboard sleeve, shrink wrapped.

'Hi Simon the cd's turned up today and they look great! thanks for all your help!'

David R. 10/12/2015 Ordered CDs in 4 panel digipacks, shrink wrapped.

'Hi Simon, Received my CDs today. Great job. Thanks very much. '

Roxy H. 26/11/2015 - CDs in a jewel case with a 1 page front insert and single sided rear insert.

'Dear Simon, CDs received. Excellent!'

David J. 18/11/2015 Ordered CDs in jewel cases with front and rear inserts, shrink wrapped.

'Thank you Simon for recent duplication and delivery of CDs They look great and everything checks out. Many thanks'

Paul B. 04/11/2015 - CDs in a jewel case with a 4 page front insert, single sided rear insert and shrink wrapped.

'Thank you so much for your help and the quick turn around!'

Sally H. 04/11/2015 Ordered DVDs in PVC sleeves with a 1 page insert. Same day turnaround.

'CDs received and we're v happy. Thanks Simon!'

Sophie D. 23/10/2015 - CDs in a printed cardboard sleeve and shrink wrapped.

'Simon, Top marks mate. Very happy with the product and quality. Definitely use you again in the future. Thanks'

Ryan S. 03/09/2015 Ordered DVDs, bulk packed.

'Dear Simon, Our first CDs arrived today. They look and sound great. They are exactly how you described. High quality in every respect. A really excellent service all round. Thank you for all your support on our first project together, I look forward to the next one!'

Harley L. 01/09/2015 - CDs in a CD jewel case with 4 page front insert, rear insert and shrink wrapped.

'Hi Simon, Thanks for the excellent and speedy job you did on my CD. Everything looks and sounds great. I'll be recommending your company to my friends and associates. Best wishes,'

Ade S. 27/08/2015 Ordered CDs in jewel case with a 4 page front insert, rear insert and shrink wrapped.

'hi simon just a quick thank you for the dvds I am very happy with the product, how it looks etc is very good and very professional can you keep the original files details etc for when I need to get more as these 100 are selling a little bit quicker than I expected. cheers Michael.'

Michael M. 20/08/2015 - 1 x CD and 1 x DVD in a double CD jewel case with 4 page front insert, rear insert and shrink wrapped.

'Hi Simon Thanks very much the CD is very professional ! '

Pearl C. 13/08/2015 Ordered CDs.

'Hello Simon, Hope you are well. Could I please re-order 1000 of the Sxxxx Rxxxx CDs from you. Exactly the same as last time CDs they were fab'

Dee W. 05/08/2015 - CDs in jewel case with 2 page front insert, double sided rear insert and shrink wrapped.

'Thank you. If there is anything i can do to let people know how awesome and helpful you been just let me know. '

James H. 05/08/2015 Ordered CDs in PVC sleeve with an insert.

'Hi Simon, The CDs have just arrived. I just want to thank you for the great service and remarkably fast turnaround - I wasn't expecting them until this time next week. Is there a feedback form or testimonials form or the like on your website? I'm happy to help spread the word in any way that I can. Regards, Matt.'

Matt A. 24/07/2015 - CD Duplication and print.

'Morning Simon, Just to let you know that I have received the CD’s this morning and they look and sound great. Many thanks for your help. Kind Regards, Katie'

Katie B. 24/07/2015 Ordered CDs in slimline jewel case with insert and shrink wrapped.

'hi Simon, We received the DVD's last week and were very happy with all your hard work. I hope we'll be able to work again together soon. Many thanks'

Dan J. 08/06/2015 - DVD authoring + artwork layout, DVD in DVD case with sleeve and shrink wrapped.

'I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the entire production of my CD 'Waiting'. For someone who has not done this before, your demonstrations on the website were most helpful and informative. If I record another, I'll be back! Best wishes, Ruth'

Ruth F. 08/06/2015 Ordered CDs in jewel case with black tray, 4 page front insert, single sided rear insert and shrink wrapped. Artwork layout done by us too.

'Hi Simon thank you - the CDs arrived today. lovely - look good and sound good too, thank you from a satisfied customer.'

Robb J. 22/05/2015 - Ordered CDs in jewel case with a 4 page front insert single sided rear insert and shrink wrapped.

'Thanks so much for getting those DVDs and CD’s down for us today… They’re heading straight back out the door in a mailing. Thanks again for the speedy turn around!'

Jay B. 12/05/2015 Ordered CDs and DVDs in PVC sleeves.

'Simon, I have now returned from holiday and have had a look at the DVDs. Thank you for a very speedy service - I did not expect them within a few days. I selected one DVD at random and it worked fine so I assume the rest will be OK as well. Many thanks again and if anyone needs any DVDs duplicated, I would certainly recommend you'

John C. 06/05/2015 - Ordered DVDs, bulk packed.

'we would like to thank you for the quick turnaround and delivery of the CD's. Really impressed with the speed. The CD's are really good and the print on them our client are happy with.'

Mark B. 01/05/2015 Ordered CDs in DVD case with sleeve and shrink wrap.

'Hi Simon, I am delighted. thank you so much. you've saved me days and days of work... look forward to working with you in the future.'

Marnie J. 24/04/2015 - Ordered CDs, bulk packed, fast turnaround.

'The CD's have arrived! Thank you very much for this rapid turn around - most impressive!'

Will P. 22/04/2015 - CDs packed into 4 panel Digipacks and shrink wrapped. Turned round in 3 days!

'Id like to say thank you for the last order which I believe you guys have done a great job on.'

Shaun E. 14/04/2015 - Ordered CDs in jewel case with 2 page front insert and single sided rear insert.

'Dear Simon, I'd like to express my gratitude for the highly professional work you have done. I found out about your company via google search and didn't even have a recommendation from anyone. However, just judging by your very professionally constructed website I was convinced that I should give it a try and I wasn't wrong. I'm highly satisfied with the result and would recommend your services to anyone. Please let me know if I can write a costumer review anywhere.'

Zara S. 30/03/2015 - Ordered DVDs in slimline jewel case with a 2 page insert and shrink wrapped.

'Many thanks for the delivery of the Bombardment DVD, they look amazing and thank you for an excellent job.'

Eileen M. 25/03/2015 - Ordered DVDs with copy protection packed into clamshell cases.

'Many thanks for the CDs, they look great. Really appreciate your efforts.'

Julian L. 02/02/2015 - Ordered CDs in a 6 panel digipack and shrink wrapped.

'The disks have arrived and they are looking very good. Many thanks for the quick turnaround. Excellent service.'

Pat H. 29/01/2015 - Ordered CDs in jewel case with a 4 page front insert, rear insert and shrink wrapped.

'Just a quick note to say the dvd's arrived earlier today and they look terrific! It's the first time I have seen the film packaged and it put a huge smile on my face to see that this morning, I will certainly feel very proud sending these discs out.. '
Many thanks for you help and hard work.

Roger W. 27/01/2015 - Ordered DVDs in single black cases with sleeves. We laid out the artwork too!

'perfect exactly what I wanted! '

Pat S. 16/01/2015 - Ordered CDs, we designed the artwork to be printed onto the surface of the CDs.

'You offer a simple and easy service thank you! Wouldn't go anywhere else'

Gina H. 13/01/2015 - Ordered CDs in jewel cases with inserts and shrink wrapped.

'Dear Simon, Thank you very much for providing an efficient service tailored to my requirements.'

Gabriel S. 07/01/2015 - Ordered DVDs in DVD cases with sleeve and shrink wrap.

'That was faster than expected. We received all 1000 copies, thanks! Thanks for the good and friendly service'

Michaela W. 04/11/2014 - Ordered DVDs in black DVD case with sleeve, 2 page insert and shrink wrapped.

'We are looking to print our next single and we were very happy with the product we got from you last time.'

Max S. 31/10/2014 - Ordered CDs in printed cardboard sleeves with shrink wrap.

'Thats all great thank you very much for your time and help! Great service will recommend you to anyone else looking for the same thing! '

Aidan Y. 27/10/2014 - Ordered CDs in printed cardboard sleeves, shrink wrapped.

'Appreciate your support with this and will definitely come back to you for any future needs.'

Sanjeev P. 02/10/2014 - Ordered DVDs in DVD case with sleeve.

'I received my CDs today. Thank you Simon for a good job done. Your services are excellent and you cover everything that I need. It is rare nowadays to deal with a company that really does know what it is doing..'

Paul M. 01/10/2014 - Ordered CDs in jewel cases with 2 page inserts and shrink wrap.

'Dear Simon, I have just received the order and we are very happy with the product so thank you very much!.'

Will F. 29/09/2014 - Ordered Blu Rays in Blu Ray cases with sleeves

'Wow, very quick! Wasn't expecting such a fast turnaround! Amazing.'

David C. 23/09/2014 - Ordered CDs in PVC sleeves with a single page full colour insert.

'Thanks Simon, great job much appreciated.'

Andrew B H. 01/09/2014 - Ordered CDs in PVC sleeves

'Its been a pleasure to do business with you and I hope we get the opportunity to use your business again.'

Maggie M. 05/09/2014 - Ordered CDs in printed cardboard sleeves.

'Just a word of thanks for the fast efficient turnaround on our CD duplication. The result exceeds our expectations. we'll be using you next time. Thanks again. '

Simon H. 12/09/2014 - Ordered CDs in jewel cases with 2 page front insert

'Very pleased with the finished DVDs. Thanks for all your help and for responding so promptly to my various emails.'

Paul H. 16/09/2014 - Ordered DVDs in DVD case with sleeves + DVD Authoring

'Thanks for all your help Simon. Cds received. Look and sound great'

Tony S. 18/08/2014 - Ordered CDs in printed cardboard sleeve, shrink wrapped

' they all arrived on time and they looked great. Great service! Many thanks'

Laurence H. 01/08/2014

'I have to confess that, of all the companies I’ve contacted and asked for quotes, besides anything else yours seems to have the greatest air of professionalism about it.'

Cris T. 25/07/2014

'Hi Simon,
Just to say we received on the singles today on time and we are very happy with the result so thank you very much! We shall definitely use you again for the next single we release'

Sarah A. 18/07/2014

'Thanks for your efficiency and speed with this - much appreciated...'

James P. 18/07/2014

'Thanks for sending the sample DVD. It looks great.'

Sebastian P. 17/07/2014

'Thank you so much for this!!!!! You're stars :)'

Sarah V. 17/07/2014

'Thanks Simon,
Thanks for your efficiency and help today - much appreciated.'

James P. 17/07/2014

'I used Express Duplication a month or so ago and your service was fantastic. I was wondering if you could give me a quote for the following:'

Rachel S. 11/07/2014

'Hello Simon,
You did a great job for us in May and June 2013 (Invoice Numbers 7746; 7747; 7891) and I'm contacting you again to get an estimate for work'

Ruth S. 04/07/2014

'Hi Simon
The CD's have arrived and are great.
Thanks, Hopefully I'll shift them all and be back with you in the near future.
Kind regards,

Noel S. 30/06/2014

'Evening Simon,
Received the CD's. Big thank you to you from me. CD's are perfect and will be distributed in the next few weeks coming. I will be defiantly recommending you to others and will be contact with you in the near future. Kind Regards Halim'

Halim R. 26/06/2014

'Hi Simon
Just to say thanks for the CDs. We got these back .. in time for my trip which is great.
Very happy. Will let you know when we need another run.
Best regards

Jon.C 26/06/2014

'Cd’s arrived today. Very happy thank you. Will keep in touch.'

Derek C. 17/06/2014

'Hi Simon
I returned back to the office this week to find that all the CDss had arrived and were being distributed. I just wanted to say thank you to you for an excellent service.
You did exactly what you said you would do, answered all my questions and delivered a very professional service on time and at an excellent price.
Well done Simon you are a credit to your business.
Thank you again
Kind regards

Ron.B 28/05/2014

'I have received the delivery, thank you for getting them here on time.'

Tom W. 25/04/2014

'Thanks for this. The disc looks absolutely fantastic, well done!'

Andy B. 09/04/2014

'hi simon . great job . thanks.'

Mark. 14/03/2014

'Thanks and appreciated looks gr8!'

Dina. 10/02/2014

'A word of thanks and praise for the quality work with the CDs. Choir members are most impressed with the appearance of the CDs and cases.'

Roger H. 14/02/2014

'You kindly turned around an order for DVDs in licketty split time for me recently.
I got to see one of the discs and was very happy with your work - thank you! '

Mr Groove. 14/02/2014

'They have arrived and are looking good.
Thank you for getting them to us so promptly.'

Dina. 10/02/2014

'Hi Simon. Thanks 4 cds, GREAT!!'

Mike B. 07/02/2014

'Hi Simon Just received the dementia CDs from you.
Have to say if you send them any quicker I’ll have them back before I’ve placed the order!!
Excellent service – look forward to using your services again.'

Nigel M. 07/02/2014

'Thanks for the quick service!'

Dan R. 19/12/2013

'Really happy. Nice job. You've saved Christmas!'

Darren L. 17/12/2013

'The DVDs have arrived safely. Many thanks for the prompt service.'

Brian B. 06/12/2013

'Many thanks for doing a great job, it's all come out really well, Best Wishes'

William P. 06/12/2013

'Thanks Simon. They have arrived safely and look great.'

Wendy F. 13/11/2013

'They all look terrific. Thanks for a good job, well done'

John O. 01/11/2013

'Thanks alot for sorting this next batch at such short notice ... arrived this morning, stuffed my envelopes and all away in time for the lunchtime collection!
Has really helped us getting them so fast, seriously appreciated.
really happy with them. Will give you a shout in the new year when the next single is due out, many thanks'

Geoff D. 21/10/2013

'I will definitely be in contact in the future for other CDs as I need some promotional CDs for our business Steel Pan Agency and your prices are reasonable and service great.'

Shareen G. 10/10/2013

'everything seems fine - checked it yesterday.
And the turnaround was spectacularly fast.Many thanks.'

Anthony D. 14/09/2013

'The disks arrived safely today.
Many thanks again for your excellent service.'

Craig W. 12/09/2013

'Thank you very much for the cd's they came today. I am very impressed with the sound quality.
Hopefully I will be ordering more once I sell these. I will do my Christmas album with you.
Again, thank you for your service.
Pleasure doing business with you.
All the best.'

Rosette C. 04/09/2013

'Cd's are Brilliant, thanks a lot, I have already had people askin about where I got them done!!!!
Have passed on ur details. Thanks a lot '

Darren F. 30/08/2013

'Excellent service and would certainly use you again. Have already recommended your service to others.'

Steve B. 29/08/2013

'Parcel delivered safely this morning! Good service!'

Tim B. 27/08/2013

'Just received the XL Vets DVDs.
They are first class.
Ive just sent you another CD to do for me please.'

David W. 02/08/2013

'First of all I wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did in April with the Born This Night CDs.
I was really pleased with the order and we are now selling them as part of a school resource.'

Rebecca T. 10/07/2013

'Arrived safe and very pleased.'

Gary D. 02/07/2013

'I was very pleased with the short run you did for me at beginning of year.'

Paul B. 30/06/2013

'Many thanks. The disks arrived yesterday and look very good. Thank you for the excellent service and quick turnaround.'

Craig W. 29/06/2013

'Thank you so much there absolutely fantastic, such a great job! So happy with them.'

Kelly W. 28/06/2013

'Just wanted to say thank you for duplicating the Discs, all present and correct and the artwork looks good.
Thanks again.'

Jen L. 25/06/2013

'I think the Cds and printing looks great and am really happy with the quantity. We will definitely put more business your way.'

Kristian J. 14/05/2013

'thank you so much for your first class ,courteous and prompt service ,we will be back .......the discs and packaging have exceeded expectations'

Nigel B. 24/04/2013

'I have received the dvd's Thanks. Very happy with the quality.'

Lee H. 19/04/2013

'Everything is great. The consignment arrived mid afternoon last Tuesday and initial checks on packaging was fine.
We are highly delighted with everything. Thanks again and we shall be back at some time in the future especially if this batch sells well '

Alan. 18/04/2013

'Well you are obviously called express for a reason.
We will certainly use you for any other CD authoring that our clients (who we have many) need.'

David W. 05/08/2013

'The CDs arrived in Tuesday and they're great. '

Angela. 16/01/2013

'Excellent turn around and quality is superb.'

Gary D. 05/12/2012

'Thanks Simon - CDs arrived yesterday - they look great and all tracks seem to be fine. Nice to have parcel tracking. Thank you.'

Paul B. 15/01/2013

'Received the order yesterday afternoon, im really happy with the project i'll be sure to share the good work of you guys and I will be back in contact with you guys soon.'

Julian W. 02/12/2012

'Just a brief note to say thanks for the speedy duplication work; everyone who's seen the CD is very impressed, and, this being for a Charity Event, we're well on the way to selling out. Thanks very much.'

Abrham U. 16/11/2012

'The CD's arrived today and they look awesome! Thank you so much for the quick turn around and great service.'

Will R. 29/08/2012

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